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Moving Forward with Divorce?

You’ve thought about it.  You’ve considered all your options.  You are moving forward with the divorce.  Now, you have a whole new set of questions and concerns:

  • What should my first step be?
  • Do I need an attorney right away?
  • Are there different ways to go about getting divorced?
  • What are the financial implications of my decision?
  • How do I find an attorney and other professionals that I can afford and are a good fit?

This is not the time to act hastily or out of emotion.  The average divorce in the United States takes one year, so there is time.  Misguided, emotional or uninformed decisions destroy families and cost money.

By providing answers, trusted referrals and support with a human touch, we take the mystery out of divorce.  Designed with you in mind, we offer unique, non-legal services delivered by real people.

Your consultation with The Big Kaboom is CONFIDENTIAL and FREE. We listen, assess your situation and let you decide which of our services works best for you.  Schedule it today!  There’s no obligation, and the consultation will provide you with valuable insights.

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Did You Know?
  • A reputable family law attorney in South Florida bills clients anywhere between $300 and $800 per hour?
  • That a reasonable family law attorney retainer for retention of services is $5,000?
  • The State of Florida has the third highest divorce rate, with California leading the pack, followed by Texas?
  • The fastest growing divorce rate is among long term marriages of 20+ years?