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Medical Insurance Coverage After Divorce

At The Big Kaboom we see many cases, and certain themes keep repeating themselves.  Medical insurance coverage is one of those subjects that keeps popping up.  Just the other day, we had a case where a woman thought she had medical insurance coverage post-divorce.  But did she?

This particular case was interesting because there were no kids involved.  A long-term marriage came to an end and all the typical things that you would expect to be addressed in an MSA were listed.  The Quit Claim Deed for the second property, car titles, division of 401(k) and IRA assets, even who would get the couple’s pet, but nothing on medical insurance.  Typically where kids are involved, medical insurance is expressly addressed, as one of the former spouse or both will share the burden of the kids’ coverage.

So when we probed on the subject, our client responded with, “Well, I guess I’m covered because my ex-husband will continue to pay for it.”  Well, we politely explained that such an assumption was baseless and that her ex-husband had no legal obligation to pay for the insurance premiums, nor could she remain on his policy as the ex-spouse.

Matters of Divorce helped our client with the process of securing medical insurance quotes.  To say that our client is happy that this matter was uncovered and addressed is an understatement. Insurance considerations—medical, life, disability—should be top of mind as one is going through the divorce process.