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Unless you’ve been through it, you have no idea how complicated and frustrating divorce can be.  Based on their experiences, our Divorce Angel Ambassadors share their stories about what they learned from their divorce journey and what they would do differently, if given a divorce “do over”.

In the name of each Divorce Angel Ambassador, The Big Kaboom makes a financial contribution to the Divorce Angel Fund. The fund provides financial support to under privileged women during their divorce. Currently, countless women stay in bad marriages simply because they cannot afford to pay for the legal fees associated with divorce.  To see all of our Divorce Angel Ambassador videos, please click here

News and information about the exciting things happening at The Big Kaboom and with our valued business and media partners.

Regis HR Group Partners with The Big Kaboom to Reduce the Impact of Divorce in the Workplace
The Big Kaboom, a provider of divorce support services, announced that Regis HR Group will offer The Big Kaboom’s services as a wellness benefit to its employer clients and their employees.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Big Kaboom on this unique benefits offering”, commented Carlos Saladrigas, Regis HRG CEO. “As someone who experienced divorce, I know the impact that divorce can have on your work performance while going through the process. The fear of the unknown and the resulting stress and anxiety can be debilitating. I have no doubt that both our employers and their employees will benefit greatly from this service.” (read press release)

How Divorce Can Affect Children:  A Story of My Kids’ Divorce Post Mortem
Divorce can be one of the toughest periods in a child’s life. I’ve partnered with The Big Kaboom for a series of articles, which will shed light on some of the most important aspects of divorce impacting your children, such as: how divorce can affect children, custody and visitation, among others. In the first of many articles, you will get a first hand look into divorce through a children’s eyes.  This is a post-divorce interview by Carlos Blanco of his two sons, as he was curious and anxious to uncover the boys’ feels regarding the divorce of their parents… (read article)

The Big Kaboom Launches the Divorce Angel Fund
The Big Kaboom, a provider of divorce support services, announces the creation and financing of the Divorce Angel Fund.  The fund provides financial support to underprivileged women during their divorce, working with local family law attorneys and paralegals for the completion of the legal documents required for a divorce filing… (read press release)

The Divorce Matters Column:  Divorce Discrimination
As if we needed another form of discrimination, now, we have divorce discrimination. I take that back; this type of discrimination has been around for years.  A few weeks ago, I was planning an event for my company. I’ll spare the event details, but the invitees are all socially connected, upper middle class, divorced individuals… (read article)

Breaking Up is Hard to Do:  6 Reasons Why People Stay in a Bad Marriage
What leads someone to stay in a marriage that is clearly earmarked for divorce?  The dramatic increase in average life expectancy during the 20th century is truly a marvel.  I’m still taken back by my mom who, at 79, just retired and is going strong. If not for the passing of my dad in 1992, my parents would be celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary this year. Remarkable!… (read article)

A Mafia Mom Shares Her Personal Divorce Story
The white picket fence was long gone.  The till death do us part was not to be.  The forever was over.  This is not the way it was supposed to work out.  Mafia Mom Janet looks out the window of her office, thinking back on her divorce.  Janet, now 38, divorced from her ex-husband Justin, six years her elder, in 2013.  Dating for a year, their daughter was born shortly after the marriage, with a son two years later… (read article)

Baby Boomer Breakups
For the first time in the U.S., more people are married than single.  However, more and more Americans over 50 are calling it quits after decades of marriage.  CBS4’s Rhiannon Ally spoke with Matters of Divorce (now, The Big Kaboom) and our clients so see what’s behind this silver divorce trend and the challenges baby boomers face starting over… (see video)

Matters of Divorce on WPLG Channel 10
Channel 10’s Constance Jones chats with Carlos Blanco about Matters of Divorce (now, The Big Kaboom).  In the segment, the founder of the company explains the reasons why he started Matters of Divorce and the value of the company’s services to its clients… (see video)

Matters of Divorce (now, The Big Kaboom):  Making Divorce Easier – One Break-up at a Time
The announcement last month by actress Gwyneth Paltrow that she and rockstar Chris Martin would part ways became particularly noteworthy in a celebrity obsessed world because she never used the word divorce.  She used “conscious uncoupling” and sparked a viral hashtag… (read article)

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