About Us

For anyone who’s been through a divorce, they clearly remember “that day”.  Whether you asked for the divorce or were on the receiving end of the news, that day was the big kaboom!

Founded in 2011, The Big Kaboom started as a company named Aftermath.  The mission of Aftermath was to help people with their post-divorce needs.  But soon clients were asking for more.  They wanted more information, support and education.  Not only that, but they desperately wanted personal attention.  Many Aftermath clients felt alone and powerless when faced with the many changes brought on by divorce.  So, our work took on a new meaning:  supporting individuals throughout the entire divorce process—before, during and after—and doing this with real people.

As a divorce support and lawyer referral service, we take the mystery out of divorce by providing answers, trusted referrals and support with a human touch.  Designed with you in mind, we offer a unique, non-legal service delivered by The Big Kaboom Transition Assistants.

The dedicated women and men at The Big Kaboom care because they’ve either been personally impacted by divorce or seen someone they care about go through the divorce process.   Our only objective is to help minimize the impact of the “kaboom!” on our clients.  It’s in this spirit that we look forward to serving you.  Let us show you how we can help.

The Idea

Life is kind of crazy, isn’t it?  Sometimes when you think things can’t get any better, you get a real shocker.  And, so it was with me.  I’m Carlos Blanco, the founder of The Big Kaboom.

My big kaboom happened in 2009, when my wife asked for a divorce and thus ending our 24-year marriage.   Looking back, getting served with those divorce papers is something I will never forget.  The emotions, financial concerns and worries for the future of my two boys and mine.

Thinking about it now, going into and coming out my divorce, I was clueless.  It was frustrating and emotionally draining, but deep down I felt it didn’t have to be this way.  So, I turned to friends to see how they managed it.  Much to my surprise just about all my divorced friends, whether female or male, older or younger, had similar experiences!  And each made mistakes similar to mine.

A big believer in education as a means to empowerment, I decided to do something about this situation.  I firmly believe that a service such as The Big Kaboom would have helped me greatly during the course of my divorce.  Now, my hope is that we can be of benefit to you.