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A Not So Happy New Year

Like most, at The Big Kaboom, we cherish the renewed optimism that comes with the New Year.  The simple calendar tick from December 31 to January 1 seems to bring out the best in everyone and everything.

Unfortunately, the start of a new year also has a dark side–a giant spike in the number of divorce filings.  Many sources point to January as being “Divorce Month”; that is, the month when most divorces are filed.  Still, other sources make light of March as being the peak month for divorce filings.

In general, most individuals are adverse to change.  And few life altering events top divorce.  A new year gives people the optimism and courage to make important life changes.  And as is pretty evident, as the year progresses those new year resolutions begin to wane.   So it’s easy to see why January through March has a disproportionate amount of divorce filings when compared to the rest of the year.

But the January through March time period also has another dubious distinction.  The average length of a divorce in the U.S. is one year from the time of filing.  So, January through March is also witness to the most finalized divorces in the year.

Which month has the least divorce filings?  You guessed it, December.  After all, who wants to mess up the holidays?

We wish our clients, partners, supporters and readers a wonderful and prosperous 2017.  Our only wish is that the New Year brings each of you what you want most.